Come & see the exotic Lilies we grow in Iowa!
Join us for our IRLS Spring Lily Bulb Sale           March  2021
Iowa Flower, Lawn & Garden Show  at the Iowa State Fairgrounds

Pick out new Lily Bulbs for your garden!
In addition to having plenty of information on growing and caring for
Lilies, we will have a nice selection of plump, healthy lily bulbs for sale
at our Award-Winning booth. We have very successful sales in part
due to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers who come and
share themselves and their "Lily Knowledge" with the purchasing public.

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer a few hours with your
Lily Society, this is a fun place to do it!  
Our 2020  Annual Lily Show has  gone VIRTUAL
with photos from our members on this website!

The IRLS  Lily Show is always held in a public place to expose new
gardeners to the various exotic colors, shapes and fragrance of lilies.

ALL gardeners are welcome to enter Lily Stems or Lily Designs into
the show an win ribbons!  
Click HERE for details & Lily Show Photos!

IRLS Lily Symposium October 24, 2020 will
be Virtual due to the ongoing covid-virus
restrictions. Several interesting topics will be
available via internet. Details  available soon...

Be sure to put the Lily Symposium on your schedule  
TOPICS & location to be announced.....
Setting up the Lily Show
                                                                    IRLS Spring Lily Bulb Sales
                                           IRLS Fall Lily Symposium--Bulb Sale--Bulb Swap
                                                         IRLS Lily Garden Bus Tours  
                                                                                     IRLS Spring and Fall Bulb Packing Party
In March  and October a large group of IRLS
members gathers  in Cedar Rapids, IA to
Sales.  We laugh & talk & work and eat!

Our Lily Bus Garden Tour visits  beautiful private
lily gardens all over Iowa each year. A bus load of
members gets onto the bus in Des Moines Iowa and
spends a lovely summer day enjoying the gorgeous
Lilies and other plants we can grow here in fertile
Iowa soil.  Sun, Shade or mix--the gardens are
always a delight!  Contact us to save a seat   
-----Members, friends & family are welcome!

Would you like to peek into some of the gardens we
have seen in the past  8  years on our Bus Tours?
Would you like to TRADE bulbs with other
members?  Check this out:
Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
                Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973