Lilies multiply--Do you have any you would like to trade?

Late September to November is the time to thin out our Lilies.
We all have extra bulbs we no longer need. This page is designed to give our
members the opportunity to trade their extra Lily bulbs with other members who
also have bulbs to trade. We can post your lily trade bulbs HERE.

If you have bulbs you would like to trade, email:       
Wanda Lunn  

Check this page often because we update it in the fall as new choices arrive.
Lily Bulb Trades
If your lilies are slanting or too
close to IT'S TIME TO DIG!
Be sure to dig with a garden fork
about 6 " back from the stems.
Mark your Lilies so you can find them
before the bunnies do in the spring!
Mulch your bulbs to keep their "feet" cool & maintain moisture in
the summer and to protect them from Iowa's frigid winters!
Fertilize your lily stands March and October with 10-10-10
granular fertilizer. Lilies like acidic soil, so add pine needles or
acid if you can-- especially to your martagon lilies!
Royal Lace     LA Lilies multiply FAST! Soon you will
have enough to share with all of your friends!   
Label your bulbs so you can find them when
they are not in bloom.
Saturday   October 24,  2020
LOTS of IRLS members bring lily bulbs
from their own gardens to the  IRLS
Lily Symposium.  

Bring extras you have & trade for NEW
Lily bulbs !!!  FREE to everyone!!!!
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