Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
      Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
The Constitution of the Iowa Regional Lily Society
The Iowa Regional Lily Society is a 501(c) 3  non-profit corporation
dedicated to educational and charitable purposes.

Donations or grants to the Iowa Regional Lily Society are
tax-deductible to the donors.

Our Iowa registration number is: 504RDN-059383
Iowa Biennial Registration was re-newed on January 4,2017
Article 1.  The name of this society shall be Iowa Regional Lily Society.

Article 2.  The initials “I.R.L.S.” shall be used as a symbol and insignia of the society.

Section II.  Purpose

Article 1.  To exchange experiences in the growing of lilies among members; to assist individual
members in the solution of particular problems in the culture of lilies; and to keep all members
acquainted with the latest developments in lily breeding and culture.

Article 2.  To promote public interest in the growing of lilies in whatever way the membership may
deem appropriate.

Section III.  Officers

Article 1.  The officers of this Society shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Article 2.  President.  The duties of the President shall be to call the regular meetings and any
special meetings deemed necessary by the officers or the membership, to preside at all meetings,
and to perform any other duties thought proper to the office of President by the membership.

Article 3.  Vice President.  The duties of the Vice President shall be to perform the duties and
obligations of the President in the President’s absence.  The Vice President shall also perform any
other duties thought appropriate to the office by the membership.

Article 4. Secretary. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep the minutes of the meetings of the
Society, to present them to the membership at the appropriate time; to carry on the necessary
correspondence of the Society; to act with the officers and the membership to obtain new members
and otherwise actively forward the interests of the Society and to keep the record associated
therewith. The Secretary can receive dues of the members and other monies and forward such
monies or deposit information to the Treasurer.

Article 5. Treasurer. The duties of the Treasurer shall be; to receive all other monies from whatever
source accruing to the Society; to be responsible for the funds of the Society; to pay all bills deemed
proper by the officers of the Society and to keep receipts and records of these bills; to present
investment ideas to the Board of Directors; report the financial condition of the Society upon
demand at any regular meeting; and to have the financial records in such a condition that they may
be audited prior to the January, Winter, meeting. An auditor shall be appointed by the President,
preferably from the membership of the Society. The auditor shall audit and sign the statements
from the Treasurer before they are presented to the Society for approval at the January meeting.
The Treasurer shall be bonded as deemed necessary for the welfare of the Society.

Article 6. Directors The Board of Directors shall be composed of the following: President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and two at large members.  The at-large
members will be elected in alternate years for a term of two years. The Newsletter Editor shall be a
non-voting, non-elected, non-term director.

Article 7. Newsletter Editor The duties of the Newsletter Editor shall be to create, assemble, and
edit the Society newsletter; to have it printed and/or distributed via postal mail or electronic mail to
members and all others it is deemed advisable; and to notify members of the date, time, and place
of the next meeting or event of the Society. The Newsletter Editor shall be a voluntary position,
appointed by the President upon approval by the Board of Directors.

Section IV. Election and Tenure of Officers

Article 1. Election of Officers Officers shall be elected at the Spring meeting of the Society.  No
officer shall serve more than two terms in succession.  The offices of President and Vice President
shall be filled in odd years and those of Secretary and Treasurer in even years.

Article 2.  Nomination of Officers Nomination of officers shall be from the floor or by a nominating
committee, if such is provided by the membership.  Election shall be by a vote of one more than
half of the members present.  Officer’s terms shall begin at the end of the meeting at which they are

Article 3.  Tenure of Officers Terms of the office shall be for two years.  If any officer is unable for
any reason to perform the duties for a sufficient time to make a replacement necessary to the
welfare of the Society, a replacement shall be elected at the next meeting of the Society as set forth
in Article 2.

Section V. Membership

Article 1. Anyone interested in any phase of lily culture shall be eligible to become a member of the
Society upon payment of the membership dues.  There shall be three types of membership:  
Individual, Family, and Institutional.

Article 2.  The amount of the dues of all classes of membership shall be determined by the
membership.  Alterations in the amount of the dues shall be initiated by the membership if and
when it is felt to be necessary.  Each membership shall be entitled to one vote for the purpose of
official business.

Article 3.  The fiscal year of the Society shall be from January 1st thru December 31st of the year.  
Dues shall be effective from the January meeting until the next January meeting.  Any dues not
paid by/or at the January meeting shall be considered delinquent.

Article 4.  The Board of Directors or their proxies and any other members present at the meeting
shall constitute a quorum necessary for this Society to conduct business.

Article 5.  Motions shall be presented to the membership by the presiding officer after a motion
and second from the floor.  A vote of one more than half of the members present shall be necessary
to pass a motion.

Section VI.  Meetings

Article 1.  There shall be three meetings each year; Winter, Spring, and Summer unless the
membership directs otherwise.  Exact dates of the meetings shall be determined by the
membership at the previous meeting.  Official notice of the next meeting time and place shall be
distributed by the Newsletter Editor through the Newsletter or other written notice to each
member of the Society in good standing at least 10 days prior to the succeeding meeting.

Article 2.  Changes in scheduled meeting dates require unanimous action of the Directors and all
members must be notified within a reasonable time prior to the scheduled date.

Article 3.  Meetings shall be held at a location central to the membership and at a place with
adequate facilities.

Section VII.  Shows

Article 1.  Shows shall be held when and if the membership feels they are desirable.

Article 2.  Open Gardens shall be promoted by the Society if and when the membership and the
owners of the gardens feel that the display of lilies is such as to encourage others to participate in
the growing of lilies.

Section VIII.  Committees

Article 1.  Except as set forth on Section IV, Article 2, the President shall appoint committees as
directed by the membership.  Committees shall be of a temporary nature unless otherwise directed
by the membership.

Section IX.  Affiliations

Article 1.  This Society shall maintain its status as an affiliated regional group of the North
American Lily Society.

Article 2.  Other affiliations may be undertaken if the membership feels it would be advisable.

Article 3.  Members are encouraged to join the North American Lily Society but shall not be
required to do so.

Section X.  Legal Status

Article 1.  This Society shall be so organized that it can incorporate under the laws of Iowa or some
other State and in such a way as to comply with requirements of the Internal Revenue Service to
receive tax-exempt status from that Bureau.

Section XI.  Amendments to Constitution

Article 1.  Any proposed amendment to this Constitution must be published in the Newsletter six
weeks prior to the time it is proposed to poll the members by mail and/or by electronic mail, at the
Board of Directors approval, regarding the amendment.  Passage of an amendment will be upon an
affirmative vote of a majority of those members responding to the poll and the results announced
at the next meeting of the Society and published in the next newsletter.