Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
Iowa Regional Lily Society Activities
Come & see the exotic Lilies we grow in Iowa!

The IRLS  Lily Show is always held in a
public place to expose and educate the
general public about the various exotic
colors, shapes and fragrance of lilies.
Visitors saw hundreds of stems from all
over North America!

ALL gardeners are welcome to enter lily
stems. In 2016, Bring your favorite Lily
stems and win a ribbon at our fabulous
Iowa Regional Lily Show!
Carol &Roger Main Garden  2010 Bus Tour
  2016  Fall Lily Bulb  Sale and Lily Symposium
         Waukee Public Library in Waukee, IA

Come and spend a day with us full of Lilies & Laughter--you might even
learn something new!

IRLS members drive in from all over Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and
Missouri to celebrate lily planting season. Pick up your Fall pre-ordered lily
bulbs plus add a few more. Dig a few lily bulbs from our own garden to share
in our Lily Bulb Swap!

Four IRLS speakers will share their experiences growing our favorite
cultivars. We even share an inexpensive lunch.

Be sure to put the Lily Symposium on your schedule October 29, 2016.
Don't miss out! EVERYONE who loves gardening is WELCOME !!!
Peggy and David Moody Garden    2010 Bus Tour
John and Diane Mihalovich Garden 2010 Bus Tour
Nan and Rip Ripley Garden  Bus Tour 2010
                    Saturday, April 16, 2016  12:30 pm     
at the Waukee Library at  950 Warrior Ave  Waukee ,IA      
 Please join us!
Election of officers + Florence Vander Meiden will use her  years of experience to
show us  how to create elegant flower designs with our Lilies!
2016 IRLS Lily Show    June 25, 2016     in Ames ,IA  at the Reiman Gardens
                        Bring your lily stems or lily designs from 7:30 am until 10 am.
                        Judging at 10 am to noon.  Program available soon!
     New at this? We'll help you set up your stems for the show, stem holders provided.
 Saturday,   July 2, 2016

Join us for a day-long visit to 6 colorful
gardens in the Cedar Rapids area full of
Lilies, Daylilies, Hosta and other
blooming favorites.

We leave from Altoona in a comfortable
coach bus at 7:30 am and return
around 6 pm. Lunch and snacks

Come alone or bring your gardening

Only $40.00 per person!   

Limited seating--reserve yours
Contact :  Kristi Evans
Come to the Lily Show and earn
ribbons for your beautiful Lily stems!
               Join us for our ANNUAL IRLS LILY GARDEN BUS TOURS !!!!
Would You like to see more
beautiful Lily Stems that we grow
in Iowa?