Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
Iowa Regional Lily Society Activities
Come & see the exotic Lilies we grow in Iowa!
IRLS Spring Lily Bulb Sale           In  March  2015
Iowa Flower, Lawn & Garden Show  at the Iowa State Fairgrounds

In addition to having plenty of information on growing and caring for Lilies, we will
have a nice selection of plump, healthy lily bulbs for sale at our Award-Winning
booth. We have very successful sales in part due to the enthusiastic and
knowledgeable volunteers who come and share themselves and their "Lily
Knowledge" with the purchasing public. If you are looking for an opportunity to
volunteer a few hours with your Lily Society, this is a fun place to do it!

See our Lily Society volunteers get ready for a Spring Lily Bulb Sale with a Bulb
Packing Party :    
   Spring Lily Bulb Packing Party & Lily Bulb Sale!
2013 IRLS Lily Show & North American
Lily Society (NALS) Lily Show
was June 28-30, 2013
"Celebrating Lilies in the Heartland"
in West Des Moines, Iowa

The IRLS  Lily Show is always held in a
public place to expose and educate the
general public about the various exotic
colors, shapes and fragrance of lilies.
Visitors saw hundreds of stems from all
over North America!

ALL gardeners are welcome to enter lily
stems. In 2014, Bring your favorite Lily
stems and win a ribbon at our fabulous
Iowa Regional Lily Show!
Our Fifth Annual Lily Garden Bus  Tour
was held on  Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Lily Bus Garden Tour was part of the
week long NALS Conference.  Riders from
Iowa joined Conference attendees from all
over North America as all 112 of us spent
the day touring Iowa lily gardens .

Beautiful weather & bright lilies greeted us
in two outstanding Johnston , IA gardens.
We ate lunch at the Garden Room during
our visit to Reiman Gardens in Ames .
A final diverse garden near Nevada, IA
filled out the tour.

The day ended with a visit to our  
FABULOUS North American Lily Society
LILY SHOW in Wes Des Moines, IA.

Carol &Roger Main Garden  2010 Bus Tour
2013 Fall Lily Bulb  Sale and Lily Symposium
               Waukee Public Library

On October 26, 2013 over 40 IRLS members plus new lily enthusiasts joined
us to celebrate lily planting season. Members drove in from all over Iowa and
even Minnesota! We picked up our pre-ordered lily bulbs and added a few
more. Generous members brought bulbs dug from their own garden to share.
Florence vandermeiden even brought Historic Lilies to share!

We listened to Four IRLS speakers plus shared our own experiences
growing our favorite cultivars. We even shared lunch!

Be sure to put the Lily Symposium on your schedule October 25, 2014.
Don't miss out!
Peggy and David Moody Garden    2010 Bus Tour
John and Diane Mihalovich Garden
2010 Bus Tour
Nan and Rip Ripley Garden  Bus Tour 2010
                 Saturday, April 19, 2014  12:30 pm     
   at the Waukee Library at  950 Warrior Ave  Waukee ,IA      
 Please join us!
        Election of officers & details on the June IRLS Lily Show
Learn how to be a NALS Accredited Lily Judge  in Ames, IA        Details soon!
2014 IRLS Lily Show    June 28, 2014   in Ames ,IA  at the Reiman Gardens