Knowing your Lily Divisions
True Lily bulbs (lillium) are grown from segmented lily bulbs with leaves alternating up a stem.
The blooms are at the top of the stem. Lilies can bloom as early as late May and in late August.
Some lilies like full sun while others prefer part shade. Height ranges from 16" to 9 foot tall.     
Trinidad 1a
Black Eyed Cindy 1b
Satin Slippers  1c
Olina  1a
Speckled Tango Lily
Fata Morgana 1a
Double Asiatic Lily
Claude Shride
Early Bird
Pink Attraction
Pink Taurade
Raspberry Delight
Terrace City
African Queen
El Flame
Casa Blanca
Pink Pearl
Early Rose - double
Color Parade
Lake Tulare   
Courtesy of Dr. Brian Bergman
Black Beauty
American Heritage
Conca D'Or
Foggy Morning
Courtesy of Joe Nemmer
Courtesy of Joe Nemmer
Brigadoon aka Kiss Me Kate
Royal Sunset
Cecil -    Tango
Pink Heaven
Henry's Surprise  1b
Heavily spotted  
Mrs. RO Backhouse
Star Fighter
L. lancifolium
L. martagon
L. regale
L. speciosum rubrum
L. speciosum album
L. Nepalense
Grown by Sue Williams
L. lancifolium flore pleno
L. pumilum
L. henryi citrinum
L. martagon album
L. lancifolium flaviflorum
Easter Morn
Easter Charm
Sunny Crown
Seedlings Hybridized by David Sims.
Not available to the public yet.
Silky Belles
El Condor
L. michiganense
L. pardilinum
L. henryi
L. regale album
Pink Perfection
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Dancing Eyes 1a
Brushmarks & spots
Div. 1 - The Asiatic Hybrids - includes hybrids of Asian species that include almost every color of the rainbow! Asiatic Lilies are tough, long-living and   grow 18"
-72" foot tall in sunny areas of the garden. The variety of shapes and orientations add a special dimension to any garden. Easy to grow and multiply well in Iowa..
Div. 2 - The Martagon Hybrids – includes species found in the Balkan countries of Southern Europe. They are usually 4-6 foot tall with downfacing and reflexed petals. Martagons bloom
early (in June) and are long-lived. Be sure to mulch well in the winter.  Perfect for a shade garden!   Bloom in early to late June in Iowa.
Div. 3 - The Euro-Causian Hybrids – includes hybrids of L candidum, L chalcedonicum, L monadelphum, and other related European species, but excluding L Martagon.
Courtesy of David Sims
Div. 4 - The North American Hybrids – includes hybrids of the many lilies native to North America. If you live on the West Coast, you perhaps are familiar with  L. grayi, L. michauxii, L.
catesbaei and L. iridollae and other relatedAmerican species. This division includes very few entries and they are not generally available.
Milden Red Ball
Courtsey of Wanda Lunn
Div. 5 - The L. longiflorum and L. formosanum Hybrids – our potted Easter Lily. Not very hardy in our Iowa winters, but can sometimes survive in a very sheltered part of your Iowa
garden with  afternoon shade and mulched well in the winter. Strong perfume fragance.
Div. 6 -  The Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids - The Trumpets feature big fragrant blooms. It is usually best stake the tall stems. The Aurelians feature down-facing, recurved blooms on
sturdy tall stalks. Both prefer full sun in  your garden. Mulch well to protect from Iowa winters. Most Trumpets currently available are "strains" that may look very different from the registered
clone. Bloom late June to July.
Lady Alice
Div. 7 - The Oriental  Hybrids – the species came from Japananese islands. Beautiful large blooms and incredible scents!  The “glamour girls” of the lily world, and the easy to grow.
They love sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Mulch well in the winter, Orientals have a shorter life span than most lilies. Bloom late July to August
Div. 8 - The Interdivisional  Hybrids- Special cross hybridizing between different lily divisions using embryo-rescue techniques. These Lilies multiply true to cross.
The LAs &LOs tolerate part-shade and present an entire bouquet at the top of their strong stems. The Asiapets, LOs,  Longipets, OAs, Martasians and other new crosses.
Red Alert
Firey Belles
Yellow Power
Red Power
Morning  After
Div. 9 – The species (or wild) lilies as they grow throughout the world. One seen in growing wild in the MIDWEST area is Lilium michiganense. The species lilies can be a challenge for the
more experienced Lily grower. Most prefer sun or dappled shade.                          All species grown in Iowa by Wanda Lunn in Iowa unless noted.
L. lechtilini
L.longiflorum x L. lankongense
Fragrant & lovely form! Each bloom has
different speckled pattern. Needs part
shade & mulching to thrive in Iowa.
Kushi Maya   L.nepalense x Oriental
HUGE 10" blooms & unusual lime green color w/
maroon center! Not winter hardy but worth growing!
Royal Lace
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Night Rider
Hotel California
Avalon Sunset
L. lechtilini maxowiczii
ORIENPETS (OT)   Oriental x Trumpet/Aurelian      Sometimes called "Lily Trees"    Tough and 4-8foot tall with big scented blooms!   Sun or shade    Bloom in July
LA  Longiflorum x Asiatic    Fast growing and hardy!      Sometimes a light scent       Sun or shade               Blooms in late June to mid July in Iowa
LO   Longiflorum x Oriental    Big blooms with delightful scents!  Dappled sun or afternoon shade   plus protected area and mulch well Bloom in July in Iowa
Asiapet   Trumpet x Asiatic  Interesting newer cross with light scent      Prefers full sun     3-4 ft tall      Blooms in July in Iowa
Longipet - LT   Longiflorum x Trumpet     Part shade    Scented!    Mulch well
OA  Oriental x Asiatic       Large blooms on a strong stems       Sunny to part shade         Usually Scented   Brilliant Markings!
Martasians    Martagon x Asiatic  The newest special cross in  Division VIII created by David Sims          Asiatic foliage with martagon blooms for shade gardens!