Picture of Kansas Lily (Lilium)

White up-facing, flat flower.  
Dark yellow center with orange
blush; no spots or speckles.  
Stems 37 to 47 inches.

Raised by Vletter & Den Haan,
Picture of Kansas Lily (Lilium)
Picture of Karen North Lily (Lilium)
Karen North

Pinkish-red down-facing,
recurved flower.  A few dark
orange lines and spots.  
Lighter orange blush along
petal edges.  Stems 53

Raised by C. North, 1973.
Picture of Karen North Lily (Lilium)
Picture of Kathy Jan Lily (Lilium)
Kathy Jan

Orange up-facing flower.  Dark
reddish-black brushmarks
fading to red and then dark
orange.  A few dark red spots
in the center.  Stems 39 inches.

Raised by H.R. & R. Cocker,
Picture of Katinka Lily (Lilium)

White out-facing flower.  White
with orange blush and dark
orange center.  Large purple
spots and lines cover a
majority of the bloom.  Stems
43 inches.

Raised by J.A. Mattas, 1964.
Picture of King Pete Lily (Lilium)
King Pete

Yellow out-facing, bowl-
shaped to flat flower.  Dark
yellow brushmarks in the
center; dark red spots.  Also
known as "Gugerna".  Stems
39 inches.

Raised by H. Peters, 1975.
Picture of King Pete Lily (Lilium)
Picture of King Pete Lily (Lilium)
Iowa Regional Lily Society (IRLS) Lily Photo Library
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