Picture of Naomi Lily (Lilium)

Reddish-orange out-facing, flat
to recurved flower.  Light
orange blush in center and
along midveins.  Stems 23 to
39 inches.

Raised by Mak Leek, 1991.
Picture of Naomi Lily (Lilium)
Picture of Naomi Lily (Lilium)
Picture of Navona Lily (Lilium)

White up-facing, bowl-shaped
flower.  Small yellowish-green
center, white anthers, no
spots or speckles.  Stems 33

Raised by Gebr Vletter & Den
Haan, 1994.
Picture of Netty's Pride Lily (Lilium)
Netty's Pride

Purplish-red TANGO, up-facing,
bowl-shaped to flat flower.  
Pure dark color becomes
dense scattering of dark
speckles toward center
and petal tips.  Stems 27

Raised by J. Wadekamper,
Picture of Netty's Pride Lily (Lilium)
Picture of Night Flyer Lily (Lilium)
Night Flyer

Reddish-black out- to down-
facing, bowl-shaped to flat
flower.  Red center, red
anthers, reddish-orange
pollen, and red stigma.  
Stems 47 inches.

Raised by A.J. Burnett, 1989.
Picture of Night Flyer Lily (Lilium)
Picture of Night's Desire Lily (Lilium)
Night's Desire

Purplish-red up-facing flower.  
White center, small red spots,
greenish-white nectaries and
stigma.  Stems 35 inches.

Raised by Mak Leek (unreg);
published in a catalog 2010.
Picture of Nove Cento Lily (Lilium)
Nove Cento

Yellow up-facing, bowl-shaped
flower.  Dark yellow, small
brown spots, green nectaries,
and yellow pollen.  Stems 33

Raised by Vletter & Den Haan,
Picture of Nutcracker Lily (Lilium)

Reddish-orange out- to
down-facing flower.  Deep
orange with lots of large
brown spots; TETRA.  Stems 47

Hybridized by A. Evans, pre
Iowa Regional Lily Society (IRLS) Lily Photo Library
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