Interdivisional Mixed Hybrid Lilies (Division VIII)

This special group of Lilies needs extra skill to create since Lilies are not
fertile across the Divisions using embryo rescue techiniques. The resulting
Lilies are taller, stronger  and have bigger blooms than their parent
cultivars.  Mixed Hybrid Lilies are simply a stunning addition for every
Midwest garden!

(longiflorum x asiatic) grow in full sun to part shade with huge
bouquets of blooms at the top of each stem. Mostly upfacing. 40 to 48 inches tall
Bloom  mid June to Mid July.  

Orienpet Lilies (OT) (oriental x trumpet) feature big blooms on stems ranging
4 to 8 foot tall! These are not "Lily Trees", but simply True Lilies with a thick
stem, huge blooms and luscious scents. Perfect for full sun or part shade!
Bloom July-August

LO Lilies (longifloum x oriental) love afternoon shade  on their big perfumed
blooms. With a little care, these exotic gems will do well in your garden! 40-48 "
Bloom in July.

Asiapet Lilies (asiatic x trumpet) enjoy the sun and can look like either their
Asiatic or Trumpet/Aurelian parents. Varied heights from 40 to 50 inches tall.
Often scented and never boring--easily grown in Iowa! Bloom in July-August.

OA Lilies (oriental x asiatic) are a little more difficult to find but worth the effort.
These lilies have a light scent. Grow 3-4 feet tall in a sunny spot. Bloom in July.

Hybridizers are creating new combinations across the Divisions every
year.  Some are quite stunning and others can be a challenge to grow .

ALO Lankon
:A recent crossing of L. longiflorum (Easter Lily) x  L. lankongense
has yeilded the elegant   "Lankon" cultivar.
Big scented blooms make it a standout in
Iowa gardens. Hybridizers are exploring
this new line of lilies. Blooms in July.

OOT Lilies: A three way cross of Oriental x
Trumpet x Oriental to bring more of the
beautiful ruffling and perfume of the
orientals to the tall Oreinpets.

LNO Kushi Maya was introduced in 2008 as
a cross between L. longiflorum (Easter Lily) x
L. nepalense with 10 inch blooms on a 4 foot
stalk. VERY perfumed, but not hardy in Iowa
winters. It is now being crossed with other
cultivars to increase its strength. Grow it in a pot!
Samur LA                   Royal Sunset LA          Red Alert LA                Royal Lace LA                     Kentucky LA         Clubhouse LA
Altari OT                    Queen Kong OT               Anastasia OT                Black Beauty          Shocking OT         Gluhwein OT
Pink Brilliant  LO                Gizmo  LO                Faith  LO                 Miyabi  LO                    Pink Heaven  LO          Triumphator LO
Champagne AT                                                Seafarer-AT
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