Oriental Lilies were prized by the Egyptians and Greeks as an gardeners
have loved Orientals for their scent, color and elegant shapes  since they
arrived from China and Japan in the 1860s. These exotic big blooms stand
out in florist bouquets or are simply stunning in your flower bed!

Oriental Lilies can take 3-5 hours of sun in the morning, but prefer part
shade in the afternoon. Extra water plus acidic soil will keep them fresh.
Heavily perfumed! Oriental Lilies grow well but do not multiply in Iowa very
easily.  Mulch well  to protect them from Iowa's frigid winters. Expect a 3-6
year life span.

Blooming period in Iowa: mid July to mid August

Colors:  red, pink, white with red, pink, yellow or peach accents

Shapes: Flat, trumpet, recurved or bowl-shaped blooms plus  Doubles!

Heights: 18 inches to 60 inches tall

Patterns: spots, ribbed or banded

Orientation: Upfacing, Outfacing and Downfacing
Casa Blanca
slightly recurved
Brian Con
trumpet shape
Tiger Edition
spots, ribbed,ruffled
Deep Impact
spots ,edged,green nectaries
flat,spots, ruffled
spots, ruffled,yellow ribs
Distant Drum
double,spots,edged white
Miss Lucy
double,spots,green ribs,rose stripes
Oriental Hybrid Lilies (Division VII)
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