These wild lilies thrive in full sun to full shade, mountains or swamps,dry
or damp climates all over the world. Many of them will adapt to Iowa
The Species Lily Preservation Group travels the world gathering seeds and
identifying Lily Species in situ. SLPG is a part of the North American Lily
Society. To learn more about them:  
Species Lily Preservation Group

Species Lilies come in a multitude of colors, shapes, heights and patterns.
Scented and unscented. Over 100 lily species exist, but only about 30 are
used by hybridizers to create new lilies.

Blooming period in Iowa: early June to late August

Colors: red,yellow, orange,peach,pink,white+ any shades or combinations

Shapes: all shapes and sizes of blooms

Heights: 6 inches to 5 foot tall

Patterns: spots, speckles, brushmarks +more

Orientation: Upfacing, Outfacing and Downfacing
Species Lilies (Division IX)
These are some of the Lily Species that are often crossed to create the hybridized Asiatic Lilies.
These Lily Species love Iowa's hot sunny summers and cold winters!
L.  lechtilini                            L. henryi                             L. lancifolium flore pleno              L. lancifolium (Tiger Lilies)                       L. henryi citrinum
L. rubrum
used in hybridization of  Oriental Lilies
L. regale
used in the hybridization of Trumpet Lilies
L. martagon      
used in the hybridization of Martagon Lilies
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