TRUMPET LILIES are tall and magnificent with huge head of waxy
blooms and a heady perfume. They thrive in full sun and well drained
ground. Because of their height and big inflorescence these lilies
appreciate the support of stakes. Every garden needs Trumpet Lilies!

Blooming period in Iowa: July

Colors: white, chartreuse, gold, apricot, pink and plum with reverses of
green, pink, gold, plum and brown

Shapes: trumpet to flat to bowl shaped to sunburst

Heights: 4 to 7 foot tall

Patterns: reverses of green, pink, gold, plum and brown

Orientation: Outfacing and Downfacing

AURELIAN LILIES are tall and willowy (5 to 8 foot) with a huge
chandelier of fragrant blooms that sometimes needs staking. Grow in the
full sun as an accent to your beds. The pendant, star or sunburst blooms
are often heavily recurved with highly detailed blooms.  Colors range in
the yellows to oranges. Trumpets and Aurelians are often hybridized.

Aurelians start to bloom as the trumpets wane from late July to
mid-August. Both Trumpets and Aurleians benefit from a thick mulch
each fall until all danger of frost is past in the spring.
Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrid Lilies  (Division VI)
Bronze Patina trumpet                    African Queen                          Ice Caves trumpet                                 Moonlight
sunburst                                 trumpet strain:gold-apricot                bowl shaped                          trumpet strain light to deep yellow
Because Trumpets are highly desirable, but slow to mature and multiply, many trumpets now sold are
"Strains"--relatives to the registered lily you think you are buying, but varying drastically in color& shape.
ALL of these are " Pink Perfection"  Trumpets showing some of the variation in the strain.
Lady Alice   Aurelian                                  White Henryi    Aurelian                                 Louise  Aurelian
Iowa Regional Lily Society -- Lily Photo Library
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