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MARTAGON LILIES are an elegant addition  to any shade
garden. The gracefully nodding stems bare from 20 to 50
downfacing blooms and thrive in dappled shade. Blooms can be a
rainbow of clear colors, spotted or marked. Martagons take some
patience to grow, often not emerging or blooming until the second
year. A gardener's patience is rewarded with a cascade of delicate
blooms each spring on stems with whorled leaves!  Unscented.
Martagon Lilies don't require staking.
Martagon Hybrid lilies are known for their long life spans!

Blooming period in Iowa: Early to Late June

Colors: red,yellow, orange,peach,pink,white, lavender + mixtures

Shapes: usually with recurved petals

Heights: 30 inches to 6 foot tall

Patterns: spots and tipped

Orientation:  Usually  Downfacing with some outfacing cultivars
Martagon Hybrid Lilies (Division II)