2010 Iowa Regional Lily Society Lily Show          
       "Lilies : The Perfect Touch"
   June 26 and 27, 2010                 Des Moines, Iowa

The beautiful Des Moines Botanical Center showcased our 37th Annual Lily Show .
IRLS members cut tall lily stems from their own garden and prepared them for the show.
Rows and rows of fragrant lilies lined up on tables to greet visitors. Competition was
tough, but the best stems won. We also had a long line of floral designs featuring Lilies!
The Des Moines Botanical Center
A bucket and a little water can
bring freshly cut lily stems one mile
or a hundred miles safely!
Trumpets from white to gold to pink fill
the space with heavy fragrance!
A Suncrest stem (LA) lead a row of
magnificent orienpet Lily stems!
This table features Asiatic Lilies whose blooms face up, out or
down in a rainbow of colors.   All tagged & ready to judge!
IRLS member Jane Venard is an accredited Lily Judge plus
experienced at growing and showing her Lilies.
Look at all the rosettes she won for her lily stems!
Royal Sunset leads off this table of hardy LA (longiflorum x
asiatic) lily stems. These big bloomed beauties are easy to
grow in full sun or part shade. They hold up well to rain &
wind with strong stems. A MUST for any garden!
Don't grow Lilies or would prefer to
keep your hands clean?

Photograph ANY true lilies and enter
them into our Lily Show to win ribbons!

You don't have to be a member to
enter or WIN!
                                    Artistic Lily Designs
The Mascline Touch in designs!
You don't need to grow Lilies for your
artistic designs--WE will provide them!

Just bring your containers, accessories
& ideas to our Lily Show----
Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
             Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973