Iowa Regional Lily Society  (IRLS)
             Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
2011 Iowa Regional Lily Society Lily Show          
"Lilies : Overwhelming Beauty"
   June 25 & 26, 2011                 Des Moines, Iowa

At 7:30 am eager IRLS members gathered at the Des Moines Botanical Center to groom
lilies, create artistic lily designs and set up our 38th Annual Lily Show. Lilies were sorted
into their proper classifications and set up in long rows on tables. The Lily Judges
worked from 10 am to Noon to get all the award-winning  stems onto the Head Table.
And then we all spent the day answering questions form the public about our lilies!
The Des Moines Botanical Center is an ideal spot for
people who love plants to discover the beauty of Lilies!
Buckets, boxes & tubs of lily
stems show up for the Lily
Show.  Care must be taken so
no buds break on the trip or
pollen dusting ruin the blooms!
Aladdin's Sun   Asiatic-outfacing
Appledorn    Asiatic-upfacing
Dancing Eyes  Asiatic-upfacing
Ariadne   Asiatic -downfacing
Iowa Rose   Asiatic-outfacing
Graffity   Asiatic-upfacing
Honey Bee    Dwarf Asiatic -upfacing
Three matching Lily Stems of one cultivar