Finally    Asiatic Lily
Hybridizer: Brian Bergman
Pink Ocelot  Martagon lily
Hybridizer: Ieuan Evans
Forever Susan
Tango asiatic lily
A-15 Asiatic Seedling Lily
Hybridizer Brian Bergman

The 40th Annual Iowa Regional Lily Show & The 66th North American Lily Society
          (NALS)  International Lily Show and Symposium     

"Celebrating Lilies in the Heartland"
June 27-30,2013                  West Des Moines, Iowa

Hundreds of Lily Stems from  the US and Canada plus a large selection of Lily
Designs filled the Lily Show floor with color and beauty. People from all over Iowa
and neighboring states came to visit the show.  Show Visitors saw hundreds of
heavenly scented lily stems in full bloom at the same time!
L. hansonii
Isabella Preston Trophy:Best Lily in Show
Harold F. Comber Award: Best Lily species
Lankon :  IRLS member Mary O'Connor
Earl N. Hornback Award:Lily showing
greatest advance in hybridization
Satin Slippers:   IRLS member Sue Williams
Tesca-Koehler Award
: best stem of a registered lily of
Minnesota origin
Fred Tarlton Award: First Place stem with highest bud count:
L. pardilinum    Species Lily
Courier:  LA hybrid
IRLS member Kristi Evans
IRLS President Sue Williams and
IRIS member Mary O'Connor
Asiatic Lily
Martagon Seedling
Hybridizer Ieuan Evans
Kentucky     LA Lily
Dalhansoni  Martagon Lily
Extra lily stems were grown and brought to the Show by IRLS members for the talented Artistic Floral Design people to use in their Lily designs.
        Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
               Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973