2014  Iowa Regional Lily Society Lily Show
"Seasons of Beauty"
        Iowa Regional  Lily Society 41 st Annual  Lily Show & NALS Judging School
                       June 27 & 28 ,2014       at Reiman Gardens in Ames Iowa

IRLS hosted a NALS Judging School taught by Dr. Art Evans and Dr. Brian Bergman in conjunction with our IRLS LilyShow.
Our class of 13 students plus 4 auditing judges was presented with an enormous amount of information.  Our teachers did an
awesome job, but it was the students who made the class. We thank you all for your efforts.

Four  student candidates  passed all three sections of the class including the mini-show judging :
Dennis Drews, Peggy Nerdahl, Kristi Evans, and Trish Patrick.             Congratulations !
Brian Bergman passing on his Lily Show stem
staging tips to an eager group of IRLS members.
Best Lily in Show: Ice Caves
Grown by Art Evans     
Lily Stems awaiting judgement!
Best Iowa Grown Lily in a Container
Seedling hybridized by Chuck Fuson
Kristi and Trish are carefully
judging lily stems during the
Mini-Show test.
Art Evans & Brian
Bergman give the
student judges
instructions on  how to
judge Lily stems.
Runner-Up Lily in the Show:
Vishenka Asiatic lily
Grown by Wanda Lunn
Best Iowa Grown Up-facing Asiatic Hybrid:
Spring Pink     Grown by Trish Patrick
Best Iowa Grown Out-facing
Asiatic Hybrid:         
grown Florence Vander Meiden

Florence also won an award for
winning the most Blue Ribbons
in the show!
Asiatic Hybrid 1a     upfacing Lily Stems
Lily Stem with the Highest Bud Count:
'Blazing Star' Grown by Helen Lacey
The 2014 Head Table with all the
IRLS Award winning Lily Stems!
Dr. Bergman points out to Judging class
students why each stem won in it's class.
Asiatic Hybrids 1b     Outfacing Lily Stems
IRLS Novice Award:
Winning the most blue ribbons for
the person first time showing lilies
IRLS member Jean Rhodes
Best Brushmark Lily:  Pink Pagoda
Grown by Wanda Lunn
Come to the IRLS  Lily Show and WIN ribbons !
Best Seedling grown from seed by exhibitor:
'Chaste'   Hybridized & Grown by Randy Hull
                            2014 Iowa Regional 2014  Lily Show:     Artistic Lily Designs !!!
                                                                            Featuring an collection of artistic floral arrangements using Lilies in themed designs
                                                   A special Thank You to all the talented IRLS members who created artistic Lily Designs for our 2014 IRLS Lily Show!
Dr. Art Evans entered his first design ever in our 2014 IRLS
Lily Show and took home a 3rd place for his "Masculine Touch"
Art was one of our Judging School instructors.
Lily Judges Trainer:
Art Evans
Ozark Regional Lily Society
Lily Judges Trainer:
Brian Bergman
Ontario Regional Lily Society
Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
                 Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973