The North American Lily Society, Inc.
71st Annual International Lily Show And Lily Symposium
"Iowa:  Celebrating All Together"    June 27 - July 1, 2018
Iowa Regional Lily Society Website
NALS 2018 Lily Show
Floral Designs
Let your Creativity flow: Iowa would appreciate your artistic lily designs to show lilies as
a floral art form.“Together, We Creatively Celebrate Lilies” has design class titles that
reflect Iowa as part of the Heartland of America.  We hope our class titles stimulate
ingenuity and creativity as you interpret title and description to make a design. We are
happy to  “Welcome All to Iowa” to view and enjoy Division II. Floral Design.

Class 1: “Welcome Friends” – A design to welcome attendees to Lily Show in Iowa.  
Designers, let your creativity flow to welcome from near and far.

Class 2: “America the Beautiful” - design that interprets your vision of class title

Class 3: “Lilies from Border to Border” – design featuring water

Class 4: “A Special Time in Iowa” – design with accessary or feature that may be
enjoyed at a state fair.

Class 5: “Flying High” – design interpreting Indianola Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Class 6: “Amber Waves of Grain” – design with some dried plant material
“Together, We Creatively Celebrate Lilies”      2018 NALS Artistic Design Competition