The North American Lily Society, Inc.
71st Annual International Lily Show And Lily Symposium
"Iowa:  Celebrating All Together"    June 27 - July 1, 2018
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NALS 2018 Program Highlights

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rick Rodich:                                                                    2-2:45 pm in the Hancock Room
“Species Lilies for the North”
Rick is a Minnesota native.  His degree in horticulture and forestry from the University of Minnesota forms the
basis for his continued learning in the natural world.  Rick’s eclectic gardens feature both species and hybrid
lilies (as well as his own hybrids), along with alpines and woody plants.  He especially likes to grow from seed
and understand a plant’s entire life cycle from beginning to end. A Minnesota lily society member introduced
Rick to lilies when he was ten years old.  Since then, lilies have always been part of his life, and he has
encountered them many times in wild Minnesota in differing environments.  Most of Rick’s lilies are grown from
seed, which is a challenge he heartily embraces.    

                Kathy Anderson and Warren Summers
                 Judges Symposium
               3-3:45 pm in the Hancock Room

              Answering questions and proposing answers
               to common issues in judging Lilies.

Friday, June 29, 2018                                     1:30-2:45 pm in the Hancock Room

Mark Riggs:                                                                
“Capturing Captivating Cameos of Your Garden’s Lilies-The Stars of the Show!”
My love of photography started with a camera sent by my brother from the PX while he was stationed
in Japan with the Navy, while I was in High School. It was a Canon FT, and I had never held such a fine
camera. I took it to Columbia, South America to visit my sister who was teaching there. I also used it at
college for the Red Cedar Log and the yearbook at Michigan State University.         
After college I started taking professional photos for a company that contracted with department
stores nationwide working in a multi-state territory and took thousands of baby and child portraits.
Then I moved to Iowa to manage a company that produced a photo feature for weekly newspapers
called “Citizens of Tomorrow.” We sold a package of portraits from that promotion in ten states. I took
Senior Class Portraits for college yearbooks in seven states.  I estimate I have photographed at least
100,000 people over many years around the country. I was a professional wedding photographer for
many years in Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska .      

Dr. Ieuan Evans:                                                3-3:45 pm in the Hancock Room

"Fertility in Soil"  
  Besides being credited with discovering the Evans cherry tree  near Fort
Saskatchewan, Evans is also well-known for his passion for martagon lilies. Dr. Ieuan Evans was
inducted into The Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame in  recognition for his outstanding contributions to
our agriculture industry. He is likely best recognized for his work on the role of copper in crop
production. Ieuan spent a distinguished 35-year career  with Alberta Agriculture as Provincial Plant
Pathologist. He continues to challenge conventional wisdom with his superior diagnostic skills for
noticing the overlooked. Ieuan has written and contributed to hundreds of documents, articles, papers
including invaluable contributions to Diseases of Field Crops in Canada but he is likely best
recognized for his work on the role of copper in crop production. Ieuan worked  on many projects that
highlighted his amazing career. "I worked with so many great people on so many great projects, it is
hard to fathom everything we accomplished and continue to benefit from."

Marianne Casey:                                                           4-4:45 pm in the Hancock Room
Marianne is known for her interest in Species Lilies and Lily Hybridization .  As a Past President of the
North American Lily Society, she has written many articles plus given speeches on her lily interests.
She is also an active member of the Potomac Lily Society in Virginia.
Marianne regularly donates seed to the North American Lily Society seed exchange program.
Lily Species Grown by Rick Rodich
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