2019  Iowa Regional Lily Society Lily Show
"Past Lilies Show Exciting Change"
Iowa Regional  Lily Society 46th Annual  Lily Show
June 24, 2019       at Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa
Hustle & bustle as stems are prepped and entered into the 2019 Lily Show.
Each entered Lily Stem is identified by name and lily division .
IRLS Artistic Award
Best Design in Show  Division II , Section I
Sandy Quam-      "Drifting Down Memory Lane"

Robert Russell Award
Best Lily in the Show Sections A-G            Wanda Lunn- "Honey Bear"

Best in Show runner-up
Runner-up Lily in Show Sections A-G    Deann Caputo- "Tiger Babies"

IRLS Founders Award(perpetual)
Greatest number of Blue Ribbons Section A-G                 Trish Patrick

Main Family Award
Best Iowa Grown Up-facing Asiatic Hybrid  Division Ia  
                                          Kristi Evans- "Easy Dance"

Iowa Regional Lily Society Award (perpetual)
Best Iowa Grown Out-facing Asiatic Hybrid Division Ib   
                                         Wanda Lunn- "Honey Bear"
Lunn Family Award
Best Down-facing Asiatic Hybrid  Division Ic            
Deann Caputo- "Tiger Babies"

Bertha Remele Russell Award (perpetual)
Best Trumpet Lily in Show  Division VI       Deann Caputo-" L. Regale"

The T&S Williams Award
Best Interdivisional Lily Division VIII              Trish Patrick- "Eyeliner"

The Williams Award
Best Registered or Named Speckled Lily Division I or VIII    
                                     Trish Patrick-  "Latvia Promise"

Reed's Heavenly Brushmark Award
Best Brushmark Lily   Section A-G             Trish Patrick- "Pink Pagoda"

Dian Curran Seedling Award
Best Seedling grown from seed by exhibitor  Section B-D          
NO EXHIBITOR this year

The Vander Meiden Award
Three stems of same clone, strain, or species   Section F
                               Deann Caputo- "Alladin's Beauty"

Perrydise Gardens Container Merit Award
Best Iowa Grown Lily in a container    Section G                                
NO EXHIBITOR this year

Evan's Highest Bud Count
Lily Stem with the Highest Bud Count    Sections A-G              
                              Trish Patrick- "Easter Bonnet" LA

IRLS Artistic Award
Best Design in Show    Division II, Section I                                              
          Sandy Quam- "Drifting Down Memory Lane"

The Moody Award
Best Use of Lilies in a Design-awarded to a design scoring
90 points or more    Division II, Section I                                          
                     Sandy Quam- "Remembering the Past"

Lovely Lily Photo Award
Best Photo in Show by Public Vote  Section L                   Sandy Meyers

Novice Award                                                                               Arlene Davis
Most blue ribbons by a first time Lily exhibitor

IRLS Special Award                                  Deann Caputo- "L. Regale"
Best Trumpet Lily
2019 Award winning Lilies on the Head Table.
Bev and Deann Caputo stage lily stems for the show.  
The Vander Meiden Award
Three stems of same clone, strain, or species
Deann Caputo- "Alladin's Beauty"
Robert Russell Award  Best Lily in the Show
Wanda Lunn-     "Honey Bear"  
Lewis Sears prepares his stems for the lily show.
The Best Lily Photo is chosen by Public Vote.
Trish Patrick with some of her winning Lilies!

Class I Grandma's Favorite Container
                                              Sandy Quam               1st
                                              Sandy Gossman         2nd

Novice B                                                                    Kristi Evans                 1st
                                               Sue Breen-Held         2nd
Class 2 My Favorite Antique
                                               Sandy Quam               1st
                                               Peggy Moody             2nd
                                               Sue Breen-Held        3rd
Class 3 Something from Yesteryear
                                               Sandy Quam               1st
                                               Sue Breen-Held        2nd
Class 4 Down Memory Lane
                        Sandy Quam 1st-Best Artistic Design
                        Peggy Moody 2nd
                        Kristi Evans 3rd
                        Sue Breen-Held 4th
Class 5 Remembering the Past
                        Sandy Quam              1st- Moody Award
                         Peggy Moody 2nd
Class 6 Don't Forget Grandpa
Sandy Quam 1st
Sandy Gossman 2nd
The Head Table displays the winning  lily stems in the
horticultural division of the Lily Show and their Award Ribbons.
                                                                                  2019 Iowa Regional Lily Society Lily Designs
Most blue ribbons by a first time Lily exhibitor
Mark Riggs gets lily photos ready for judging by the public
Main Family Award
Best Iowa Grown Up-facing Asiatic
Kristi Evans- "Easy Dance"
IRLS Special Award            
Deann Caputo- "L. Regale"
Best Trumpet Lily
Lily Designs all lined up and  awaiting the judges.
Kristi Evans puts finishing touches on lily design.
in the IRLS Lily Show!!
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