Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
     Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973  

                                    Iowa Regional  Lily Society 46th Annual  Lily Show
2020 IRLS Virtual Lily Show:   "No Lily Left Behind"
                 Our annual Lily Show at Reiman Gardens has been cancelled due to co-vid virus issues.   
                          SO....We are holding a special INTERNET Lily Show here on our IRLS website!

                                             Enjoy  this sampling of the lovely lilies grown all over Iowa!

    Division II :  Martagon Lilies      Full to part shade
Akimina                                     Martagon Lily
Brocade                            Martagon Lily
Amelita                                     Martagon Lily
Claude Shride                       Martagon Lily
City Lights                              Martagon Lily
Burnt Orange                         Martagon Lily
Cranberry Dancer                Martagon Lily
Early Bird                               Martagon Lily
Helen Wright                       Martagon Lily
Dalhalsonii                             Martagon Lily
Fairy Morning                      Martagon Lily
Lois Hole                                  Martagon Lily
Nepera                                   Martagon Lily
Komenton                              Martagon Lily
Mahogany Bells                  Martagon Lily
Mrs. R.O. Backhouse        Martagon Lily
Peach Lace                             Martagon Lily
Manitoba Fox                       Martagon Lily
Maude Jenkins                    Martagon Lily
Orange Marmalade            Martagon Lily
Purple Ocelot                       Martagon Lily
Paisley Hybrids                    Martagon Lily
Pink Ocelot                           Martagon Lily
Terrace City                          Martagon Lily
Rose Arch Fox                     Martagon Lily
Stargate                                   Martagon Lily
Pink Taurade                        Martagon Lily
All Martagons grown by Wanda L.  of Cedar Rapids ,IA