Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
    Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973  

                                    Iowa Regional  Lily Society 46th Annual  Lily Show
2020 IRLS Virtual Lily Show:   "No Lily Left Behind"
                 Our annual Lily Show at Reiman Gardens has been cancelled due to co-vid virus issues.   
                          SO....We are holding a special INTERNET Lily Show here on our IRLS website!

                                             Enjoy  this sampling of the lovely lilies grown all over Iowa!

  Division IX :  Species Lilies   Full shade to full sun
Martagon Species        Part to full shade
                    L.  albiflorum
                    L.  martagon
              L.  martagon album
                      L. hansonii
Trumpet and Aurelian  Species       Full Sun
                      L. henryi
                      L. regale album
                         L. regale
North American  Species        Part to full sun
                            L. michiganense      3 variations
              L. pardilinum
         Asiatic Species              Full sun
L. lancifolium citrinum     aka  Yellow Tiger Lily
L. lancifolium                        aka   Tiger Lily
L. lancifolium   Floreo Pleno       aka   Tiger Lily
                         L. leichtlini  
                   L. leichtlini  maxowiczii
All species grown by Wanda L.  of Cedar Rapids ,IA