Iowa Regional  Lily Society 46th Annual  Lily Show
2020 IRLS Virtual Lily Show:   "No Lily Left Behind"
                              Our annual Lily Show at Reiman Gardens has been cancelled due to co-vid virus issues.   
                                     SO....We are holding a special INTERNET Lily Show here on our IRLS website!

Take pictures of YOUR lovely lilies when they are in their most beautiful state! You can submit pictures of  all of your lilies  as
they bloom over the summer months.   Show us a photo of a single perfect bloom, gorgeous stem, lily clump or lily design---

                         Email your Lily photos HERE !
          Division II : Martagon Lilies      part to full shade
Each entered Lily Stem is identified by name and lily division .
Bev and Deann Caputo stage lily stems for the show.  
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