2020  Iowa Regional Lily Society Lily Show
    Iowa Regional  Lily Society 46th Annual  Lily Show
2020 IRLS Virtual Lily Show:   "No Lily Left Behind"
Our annual Lily Show at Reiman Gardens has been cancelled due to co-vid virus issues.    
SO....We are holding a special INTERNET Lily Show here on our IRLS website!

Take pictures of YOUR lovely lilies when they are in their most beautiful state! You can
submit pictures of  all of your lilies as they bloom over the summer months.
       Show us a single perfect bloom, gorgeous stem or vigorous lily clump!

Please include the Lily Division (if known) and Lily Name (if possible). Please include your
name also.    Lily photos winners will be chosen from each Lily Division.

     Come and see our 2020 IRLS Lily Show!
ANY gardeners are welcome to enter Lily Stems and Lily
designs into the IRLS Lily Show to win ribbons and prizes!
Lily Stems awaiting judgement!
                                                            The North American Lily Society, Inc.
    71st Annual International Lily Show And Lily Symposium
             "Iowa:  Celebrating All Together"    June 27 - July 1, 2018
The Iowa Regional Lily Society hosted the 2018 North American Lily Society  Lily Show and Convention  in West Des Moines, IA
Hundreds of Lily Stems and Lily Designs filled the showroom floor. NALS members from all over Canada and the USA  traveled to four Iowa Lily
Gardens on the Lily Garden Bus Tour. Speakers informed us about  Lily hybridization , preserving Lily Species and Lily Photography techniques.
There was also an informative Lily Judges Forum.    
Click here for details and pictures :
NALS 2018 Lily Show Overview
Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
       Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
View our 2020 IRLS Lily Show!