The North American Lily Society, Inc.
71st Annual International Lily Show And Lily Symposium
"Iowa:  Celebrating All Together"    June 27 - July 1, 2018
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NALS 2018 Program Highlights
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rick Rodich:                                                                    2-2:45 pm in the Hancock Room
“Species Lilies for the North”
Rick is a Minnesota native.  His degree in horticulture and forestry from the University of Minnesota forms the
basis for his continued learning in the natural world.  Rick’s eclectic gardens feature both species and hybrid
lilies (as well as his own hybrids), along with alpines and woody plants.  He especially likes to grow from seed
and understand a plant’s entire life cycle from beginning to end. A Minnesota lily society member introduced
Rick to lilies when he was ten years old.  Since then, lilies have always been part of his life, and he has
encountered them many times in wild Minnesota in differing environments.  Most of Rick’s lilies are grown from
seed, which is a challenge he heartily embraces.    

Kathy Andersen and Warren Summers:                       3-3:45 pm in the Hancock Room
Judges Symposium

Friday, June 29, 2018

Mark Riggs:                                                                 1:30-2:45 pm in the Hancock Room
“Capturing Captivating Cameos of Your Garden’s Lilies-The Stars of the Show!”
My love of photography started with a camera sent by my brother from the PX while he was stationed in
Japan with the Navy, while I was in High School. It was a Canon FT, and I had never held such a fine camera. I
took it to Columbia, South America to visit my sister who was teaching there. I also used it at college for the
Red Cedar Log and the yearbook at Michigan State University.         
After college I started taking professional photos for a company that contracted with department stores
nationwide working in a multi-state territory and took thousands of baby and child portraits. Then I moved to
Iowa to manage a company that produced a photo feature for weekly newspapers called “Citizens of
Tomorrow.” We sold a package of portraits from that promotion in ten states. I took Senior Class Portraits for
college yearbooks in seven states. The most students I photographed at one location was at Iowa State
University, over 3,000 portraits in three weeks for the “Bomb” yearbook. As a high school photographer, I once
took 500 portraits in one day in a Nebraska school. I estimate I have photographed at least 100,000 people
over many years around the country.
I was a professional wedding photographer for many years in Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska for several
studios, as well as for both my brothers, and two niece’s weddings. I never missed enjoying a slice of cake!
I also worked in a local studio to take portraits for Easter with live bunnies! I once photographed a set of nine-
month old quadruplets, and got them all to smile together for their portrait!  For professional training, I took
Portrait and Commercial Photography courses offered by the Professional Photographers of America at
Winona Lake, Indiana. Photographing lilies is so much fun! They are wonderful subjects, and they don’t try
jumping off the posing table like some two-year old children have done!

Dr. Neil O. Anderson:                                                3-3:45 pm in the Hancock Room

Neil O. Anderson, Professor of Horticulture at the University of Minnesota
Education:  Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1989, Horticulture (Plant Breeding)M.S. University of Minnesota,
1985, Horticulture (Plant Breeding)B.S. California Polytechnic State University, 1983, Ornamental Horticulture
(Floriculture)Research Areas: Flower Breeding; Invasive Species; Self Incompatibility

Dr. Chad Miller:                                                           4-4:45 pm in the Hancock Room
Associate Professor of Landscape Horticulture at the Kansas State University
Chad grew up in a small town in northwest Wisconsin, spending a lot of time fishing, hunting and gardening—
for at least a few months of the year. In high school and most of college, Chad worked painting ornamental
concrete lawn ornaments. His interest for horticulture began when he was about twelve years old, when a
neighbor lady gave him some flower bulbs—namely dahlias, gladiolus and cannas. From that summer on, his
interest with flower bulbs and ornamental plants grew.
He enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) in horticulture, and had a great mentor and
advisor, Dr. Terry Ferriss. Miller did a couple of internships, one in Californian plant breeding and one in the
Netherlands for greenhouse cut flower production—both of which had a significant impact on his education.
After UWRF, Miller enrolled at Cornell University for a M.S. and Ph.D., working with Drs. Bridgen and Miller,
respectively. After completing the Masters degree, Chad received the Dreerfellowship and spent a year
conducting floriculture and breeding research in the Netherlands.
Miller has always enjoyed the academic setting and has wanted to teach horticulture. It was his aspiration to
be able to help others learn not only about plants but help others learn about themselves and the world around
them. Miller is excited about the ornamentals position at K-State, as there is a lot of opportunity to pursue two
passions—horticulture and teaching, in conjunction with colleagues and students who have similar interests.
Outside of work, Chad loves to travel and experience new cultures. He would really like to visit the African
continent and go on safari, to see both the wildlife and flora. Cooking is another interest and Chad enjoys
serving up a tasty dish now and then. Other activities include gardening, birding, photography, tennis,
racquetball, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. And finally, his favorite animal is…the bison.
Lily Species Grown by Rick Rodich

Let your Creativity flow: Iowa would appreciate your artistic lily designs to show lilies as a floral art form.
“Together, We Creatively Celebrate Lilies” has design class titles that reflect Iowa as part of the Heartland of
America.  We hope our class titles stimulate ingenuity and creativity as you interpret title and description to
make a design. We are happy to  “Welcome All to Iowa” to view and enjoy Division II. Floral Design.

Class 1: “Welcome Friends” – A design to welcome attendees to Lily Show in Iowa.  Designers, let your
creativity flow to welcome from near and far.

Class 2: “America the Beautiful” - design that interprets your vision of class title

Class 3: “Lilies from Border to Border” – design featuring water

Class 4: “A Special Time in Iowa” – design with accessary or feature that may be
enjoyed at a state fair.

Class 5: “Flying High” – design interpreting Indianola Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Class 6: “Amber Waves of Grain” – design with some dried plant material


1. All design classes are open to any amateur or professional designer. There will be four (4) entries per class

2. Please pre-register all entries by Saturday, June 16, 2018. To reserve your space and for complete details,
contact Peggy Moody, 2022 Westwood Acres Drive, Fort Dodge, Iowa 515-576-6021 or

3. All designs must be in place by 9 am, Friday, June 29, 2018 and must be removed at 4 pm, Sunday, July 1,
2018. Judging will begin at 10 am or soon thereafter on Friday, June 29th. Exhibitor must maintain all designs
in show condition throughout the show.

4. Exhibit space may not exceed width 24” x depth 24” x height 40”. Exhibitors may make only one (1) entry in
a class.  All plant material used in the design must be identified on a card, which is provided by exhibitor, and
included with entry card.

5. Designer’s choice of plant material, fresh and/or dried. A true lily or lilies must be in all designs. Accessories
or features maybe used in all classes.

6. No artificial flowers or foliage may be used, or any plants on any state’s Noxious Weed Conservation List.

7. Standard system of awards will be used. A panel of National Garden Club Judges will judge using NGC
rules (Handbook for Flower Shows, revised 2017).

8. All properties should be labeled. NALS, any regional society, or the Sheraton are NOT responsible for loss,
damage, or theft.

9.  Judging will be by the Standard System. Judges decisions are final.
“Together, We Creatively Celebrate Lilies”          2018 Artistic Design Competition
                                     NALS 2018 Speakers
Elodie 1a Asiatic Lily
Best Upfacing Asiatic Lily
Best Lily in Show 2017
Novice Award
Grown by Nan Ripley
Satin Slippers 1c Asiatic Lily
Best Down-Facing Asiatic Lily
Highest Bud Count 2017
Grown by Wanda Lunn
Best in Show Runner Up 2017
Best Interdivisional Lily
Grown by Trish Patrick
Best Artistic Design in Show
"Riding High"    2017
Designed by Sandy Gossman
Designed by Sandy Gossman
NALS  2018  Program