Third Annual Lily Garden Bus Tour  June 18, 2011
Our 2011 Lily Garden Bus Tour took us to this lovely small garden in
Pella, IA created by Bob Bokhoven.
This garden is a good example of using both horizontal and vertical
design in a limited space.    Clever garden ideas to inspire us all!
The Garden of Bob Bokhoven
A stone walk led visitors around to the side yard pond.
Bob's hosta collection enjoyed the shade of the tree in the
front yard. Lilies bloomed in the sunny side and backyards
Calla Lilies are not lilium--but
very welcome in any garden.
Plenty to see and photograph
in this garden!
August Emperor loves a
damp spot.  This is a large
Japanese Iris that blooms in
late June/early July.
A lovely Clematis climbing up.
A compact pond with live cattails and a clever water feature!
Lily Society members step off the bus to enjoy Bob's garden.
Iowa Regional Lily Society   (IRLS)
            Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
How did he do that???
Two clematis vines on one trellis to get
more vertical space.