Colette shows off her tall orienpet Lilies
reaching for the sun.
Hundreds of healthy registered hosta plus other
shade-loving plants line the garden paths!
Assorted garden art accents
the beautiful plantings!
A humorous showcase for a succulent garden!
One of the many handsome Gargoyles
guarding Colette's garden!
Tall White Henryi -Aurelian lily
Tall Serrano -Orienpet lily
Garden Talk on a hot summer day
A Tiger Woods oriental lily
loves the filtered sunshine.
    Collette Janisch's Garden    in     Cedar Rapids, IA
Our fourth annual Lily Garden Bus Tour took a large group of IRLS members to visit beautiful
gardens in Eastern Iowa in July 2012. It was a hot day touching on 100 degrees so Colette's
shady retreat was a perfect stop! This garden is protected by old growth trees backing up to one
of Cedar Rapids'  most natural parks. Colette fills her garden with gargoyles and dragons hiding
in the lush growth. Keeping the deer & raccoons from dining on her plants has been a challenge!
Tiny miniature plants are labeled in this fairy garden in
a raised bed for easy viewing.
This Fairy garden thrives in a bird bath!
Tall July Lilies everywhere
A cool shade garden to enjoy on  a hot day.
This Oriental Lily "Kiss Proof" adds a
punch of hot color to the beds!
African Queen -Trumpet
Girosa- Oriental Lily
          Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973