Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
              Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
IRLS members Carole and George Main created a beautiful mixed garden on
the steep slope of their back yard. Trails meander up thru a wonderful variety
of Lilies and other plants. The lower slope was planted with vegetables.

This full sun wonder is so beautiful that it has inspired similar gardens in their
neighbors' adjoining yards all up and down the street!
It's mid-June, but already the
Delphiniums are showing off!
Carol shows us how to negotiate her winding garden paths.
The lower part of the garden is dedicated to raised vegetable plots.
Late Spring--The first red Asiatic Lilies are blooming!
Climbing Clematis and Lilies make good use of the vertical garden area.
Four neighboring gardens are making good use of the hillside too!
Hmm. Looks like a strange bird is calling this garden "home"!
Third Annual Lily Garden Bus Tour  June 18, 2011
The Garden of Carole and George Main
Rain Barrels catch and store water to use
on their vegetable garden.
No mowing on this hilly back yard! A steep slope drains well
after the rains and makes good use of the hillside.
foliage densely planted in the sloping garden.