Iowa Regional Lily Society    (IRLS)
               Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
 Second Annual Lily Garden Bus Tour   June  2010
The IRLS Bus Tour headed north to visit IRLS member gardens in north central
Iowa  from Perry to Webster City to Ft. Dodge, IA. The gardens were all very different
and colorful with a different way to showcase the lilies we love!
Carol and Roger Main's Garden   Webster City, IA
IRLS members Carol and Roger Main have an extensive garden out in the country. Their huge
pond, water wheel and playful accents made this garden a delight to see!
Carol looks out over her huge front yard pond with IRLS garden guests.
Waterlilies in full bloom!
Resting in the shade.
The drive is accented with a formal railing and bushes
Sharon and Bev enjoy a shady part of the garden
Visitors check out the sunny Asiatic Lily bed.
Photographing the Lilies!
Gerrit finds a peaceful spot to enjoy the garden.
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