Iowa Regional Lily Society    (IRLS)
          Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
        Second Annual Lily Garden Bus Tour   June  2010
The IRLS Bus Tour headed north to visit IRLS member gardens in north central
Iowa  from Perry to Webster City to Ft. Dodge, IA. The gardens were all very different
and colorful with a different way to showcase the lilies we love!
Peggy & David Moody's  Garden  Ft. Dodge, IA
IRLS members Peggy & David Moody have spent years creating two gardens-- a shady
oasis in their front yard and a colorful terraced garden in their sunny back yard.
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our Iowa Lily Gardens!
David Moody greets the IRLS Lily Garden Bus Tour to his home & garden.
A Jackmanii clematis vine  is a big splash of color!
The entrance is marked by a shade garden filled with hosta + more.
Peggy Moody answers questions about her beautiful garden.
Stella D'oro daylilies are a bright spot of color !
A Claude Shride Martagon blooms in
the shade.
Attention to detail shows in the careful layout of the plants.
What a great spot to showcase dwarf hostas and other  small plants!
A sunny spot features bee loving perennials!
David and Peggy built these terraces themselves.