Nan Ripley is  a daylily hybridizer with a growing number of award-winning daylilies to her credit.  Thousands of her
seedling daylilies are in bloom most of the summer. This garden was featured on our 2010 bus tour as well as 2013 &2018  
NALS & IRLS Bus Tours. her garden is full of lilies, peonies, clematis and other blooming plants.  She has an outstanding
tree collection too! Nan & Rip's "Walkabout Gardens" was featured in the May 2017  Martha Stewart Magazine.
Nan's own hybrid daylily "Scarlet Pimpernel" won the American Hemorcallis Society
 Stout Award  in 2019!                
Nan and "Rip" Ripley's "Walkabout Gardens"  in    Nevada , IA
Nan's garden is varied with a large collection of trees plus
wonderful collection of miniature conifers in a raised berm bed.
Clematis wrap around a rose bush!
Nan greets a Canadian Sandy  Venton  NALS visitor.
Pink Taurade Martagon Lily
Gorgeous Lilies!
An explosion of  Asiatic blooms brighten every corner of her  garden!
Delphinums share the space with Lilies and large conifers.
Hostas fill a shady area.
Wanda and Dutch Lily bulb grower Kees.
In June of 2010, our Lily Garden Bus Tour visited Nan's garden. Here are a few photos from that beautiful day.
Nan's huge garden changes every year
with fresh cultivars and accessories.

       Truly a delight to see!
Miniature conifers displayed on their own berm.
Nepera Martagon Lily
Elegant clematis
bell-shaped bloom
Nan Ripley's "Scarlet Pimpernel"  (N. Ripley 2007)
           Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973