Iowa Regional Lily Society   (IRLS)
         Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
Florence and Gerrit showed us the complexities of a
self-sufficent real Dutch garden. They not only grow lilies
and other flowers, but vegetables, nut trees and fruit trees
on their country acreage.
First garden explorers off the bus....
The double campanulas were stunning in this side bed.
Florence and a new Lily fan-Mindy!
Florence grows multiples of each Lily to
enter stems and Lily Designs in Shows.
Florence adds new Lilies to her
gardens each year as well as growing
many historic asiatic lilies.

Florence is a Head Lily Judge
and an experienced Floral Design
Colorful lilies wherever  you look!
Lilies mixed into a perennial bed.
Third Annual Lily Garden Bus Tour   June 2011
The IRLS Bus Tour headed south to visit IRLS member gardens in southern Iowa  
from Pleasant Hill to Pella to Humeston, IA. The gardens were all very different and
colorful with a personal way to showcase the lilies we love!
Florence and Gerrit Vander Meiden's Garden   Pella, IA
A huge variety of flowers can be found in
sunny and shady areas of the garden.
Cherries ripening for homemade pies!
A clematis growing up the side of a garden shed.
Delicate double poppies!
Mary captures lily photos.
Yellow primroses.
Exotic Crinium