Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
            Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
Sue and Ted Williams' Garden    Humeston, IA
Sue and Ted Williams'  garden is noted for not only
for its spectacular collection of lilies, but ingenious
solutions to water problems with a sloping yard.
Sue  greeted us with a garden scavenger hunt with a
very special prize for the winner!
Sue & Ted created a dry stream across their yard
to funnel excess rainwater out of their yard.
Japanese Iris  Cajun Sunrise and Time&Tide
thrive near her dry streambed.
Martagon Lily Nepera and hostas enjoy
the dappled light of her front yard.
A lattice fence acts as a windbreak plus
hides precious lilies from grazing deer!
Iris and Allium make great
companion plants for Sue's lilies.
Sue built a white fence to give her a stunning
backdrop for this mix perennial island bed!
Kiss Me Kate shows us why LA Lilies are
so popular --Huge colorful  blooms in
sun or part shade!
This Asiatic Lily is a stunner!
An island bed glows in the shade with hosta.
Chuck finds it's impossible to admire
the blooms without taking a few photos!
This speckled beauty is an
Asiatic lily named Zulu.
This trio of Lily enthusiasts are focusing
in on a tall orientpet soon to bloom.
           Third Annual Lily Garden Bus Tour   June 2011
The IRLS Bus Tour headed south to visit IRLS member gardens in southern Iowa  
from Pleasant Hill to Pella to Humeston, IA. The gardens were all very different and
colorful with personal ways to showcase the lilies we love!
Asiatic Lily Cancun always
puts on a good show.
An explosion of colorful Lilies & Daylilies!