Iowa Regional Lily Society     (IRLS)
Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973
Gorgeous Lilies in Teresa Deeth's Garden

The Iowa Regional Lily Society's offers these Lily Learning Opportunities:

  • Annual Lily Show in June
  • Spring and Fall Lily Bulb Sales
  • Educational Meetings
  • Lily Photo Library
  • Lily Garden Bus Tours
  • Lily Book Library
  • Newsletters
  • Fall Lily Symposium
  • Provide written literature

Come Grow with Us!
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More Opportunities for Iowa Gardeners:
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Wanda Lunn's garden in Cedar Rapids, IA

To support public educational programs and     
plantings, Iowa Regional Lily Society donated  
funds to four Iowa Arboretums and Botanical
Gardens in 2015 and 2016.

IRLS members Jean Rhodes(far left) &Lewis
Sears(far right) present a donation of $500 from
the Iowa Regional Lily Society to Suzanne
Swanson at the Iowa Arboretum in 2015.
Iowa Regional Lily Society  2017  Schedule of Events
September 9, 2017  Fall Lily Society Meeting   NEW TIME 10:00 am     Come and join us!
 at New Hope United Methodist Church     4525 Beaver Avenue   Des Moines, IA   50310

November 4, 2017      Lily Symposium      9 am to 3 pm       FREE to IRLS Members and Iowa Gardeners!
  at New Hope United Methodist Church     4525 Beaver Avenue   Des Moines, IA   50310

Lily Speakers+++ Lily bulb trades & giveaways++++Garden Door Prizes+++Pick up your Fall Lily bulb order!

Sorting Out your Garden"  by Wanda Lunn       Moving and thinning and organizing your big or small garden!
IRLS Hosting the 2018 International Lily Show and Symposium" by Sue Williams
                                                      +more to be announced!
Early Spring Martagon Lilies
Wanted:  Colorful Photos of your Lilies and Gardens in Bloom!

IRLS is looking for Member Gardens to feature on our website plus
photos of  individual Lily Blooms for our Lily Photo Library.        

See your garden featured on it's own colorful webpage!   
Please send your photos to :
Fabulous Martagon,  Asiatic , Orienpets and other Lily Bulbs
WE NEED YOUR VOTES!!!  Vote on changes to our IRLS Constitution. Details in our July Newsletter--Changes are in red.   
Basically :  Secretary/Treasurer  separates to Secretary and Treasurer positions; Newsletter Editor becomes a non-elected position;
Quorum for meetings is reduced; and digital communication becomes standard with separate mailings to non-email members.  
We, the IRLS Board, think these changes will help IRLS to communicate better with IRLS members in the future.                                    
PLEASE cast your vote  to the Proposed IRLS Constitutional Changes  :