Iowa Regional Lily Society    (IRLS)
    Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973

The Iowa Regional Lily Society's offers these Lily Learning Opportunities:

  • Annual Lily Show in June
  • Spring and Fall Lily Bulb Sales
  • Educational Meetings
  • Lily Photo Library
  • Lily Garden Bus Tours
  • Lily Book Library
  • Newsletters
  • Fall Lily Symposium
  • Provide written literature

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Wanda Lunn's garden in Cedar Rapids, IA

To support public educational programs
and     plantings, Iowa Regional Lily
Society donated  funds to four Iowa
Arboretums and Botanical Gardens in
2015 and 2016.

IRLS members Jean Rhodes(far left)
&Lewis Sears(far right) present a
donation of $500 from the Iowa
Regional Lily Society to Suzanne
Swanson at the Iowa Arboretum in 2015.
           Welcome to the Iowa Regional Lily Society!
If you want to learn more about Asiatic, Oriental, Martagon, Trumpet, LA Lilies, Asiapets, Orienpets,  
Species  Lilies plus MORE,  you have come to the right website!  Our IRLS members grow TRUE  LILIES.

************      2019 Lily Symposium     *************       
              Saturday, October  26, 2019       9 am  to 3 pm
                at the New Hope United Methodist Church   
                     4525 Beaver Avenue,  Des Moines, IA

Thank you all for coming to our 2019 Lily Symposium! Have fun planting your new bulbs.
                        Hope to see you again at our Lily Symposium in 2020.

                                               Winter IRLS Meeting
                       Saturday, January  11, 2020            10 am- 12:30 pm
                       at the New Hope United Methodist Church   
                           4525 Beaver Avenue,  Des Moines, IA

       Watch for information in February for the Spring IRLS Bulb Sale               
Wanted:  Colorful Photos of your Iowa Lilies  in Bloom!

IRLS is looking for Member Gardens to feature on our website plus
photos of  individual Lily Blooms for our Lily Photo Library.   See
your garden featured on it's own colorful webpage!
Please send your photos to:                                        
Dots and Dashes   Asiatic Lily
              IRLS Fall  2019  Lily Bulb Sale
      Thank you for ordering your Fall Lily Bulbs.     Bulbs to be shipped soon.

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